Neviot water

Natural Mineral Water

from the Upper Galilee of Israel

It all begins with Neviot Pure Natural Mineral Water from a mountain aquifer in the Upper Galilee of Israel straight from the depths of eart.


Unique Healthy Mineral Composition

NEVIOT delivers costumers around the world a line of products based on pure, Natural Mineral Water. Which consists of a unique mineral composition, with a significant amount of Calcium, low levels of Sodium, and natural Fluoride.

Top Quality

 Every day, 150 tests are carried out on the filling lines to ensure that the products are of the highest quality - in compliance with NSF quality standards for National Mineral Water.
NEVIOT's Natural Mineral Water products are complied with strict international standards, and undergo supervision by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the American FDA.
NEVIOT Natural Mineral products are also authorized by external organizations such as the NSF, ISO, UN and the US Army.