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Enjoy the nutritional value of Fresh, Natural Mineral Water, without giving up the pleasure of a twist flavor

The story behind NEVIOT+

The Dilemma

We all know that drinking plenty of water is essential for our health and for proper body function. But, at the same time, we don’t want to give up the refreshing feeling of delicious taste and the sense of pleasure.

In 2004, after NEVIOT became a leading brand in the Natural Mineral water market in Israel, while the health & wellness trend around the world kept evolving; we at Neviot became aware of the dilemma we all deal with on a daily basis:

 Healthy Vs. Tasty.

We all seek healthy products, but at the same time we don’t wish to compromise on taste.
This insight, led us to the idea of developing NEVIOT+ to combine between what we all needs & want: Taste, Pleasure & Health so we don’t need to Compromise anymore!


How we did it?

Mineral water is considered the healthiest choice of all beverages, but at the same time they might be considered “boring” and difficult to drink.

We were seeking for a beverage that will provide each and every one of us, children as well as adults, an easy & simple way to do something good and fun for our health.

The answer we came up with is: NEVIOT+
Natural Mineral Water based beverage, with added vitamins, delicious delicate flavors& minimum calories.

NEVIOT+ allows us to enjoy the nutritional value of Fresh, Natural Mineral Water, with the added pleasure of a twist of flavor.


Now there is no need to settle for anything less than perfect.