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Enjoy the nutritional value of Fresh, Natural Mineral Water, without giving up the pleasure of a twist flavor


How many products you have that truly delivers the Synergy between Health & Pleasure.

We definitely have one to offer!


Meet NEVIOT+: 

Outstanding quality – NEVIOT+ is a beverage based on NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water. NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water are approved by and meets the strict Standards of international organizations such as the NSF, FDA, the US Army, the UN and the MFO.
NEVIOT+  are certified by external organizations such as the ISO,  and the US Army.

Neviot+ is fully adjusted to your customer’s lifestyle and wellbeing – Customers today takes a great care for their health and pleasure. They seek perfection. NEVIOT+ perfectly combines health & pleasure so there is no need to compromise any more.

A great addition to your variety - nothing like any flavored water you know today – we offer a Natural Mineral Water based beverage with a great taste with no color additives, no preservative and no after taste what so ever.

Brings consumers a product with great nutritional value – Offers a wonderful way to consume and Enjoy Minerals and Vitamins.

A beverage with a great taste to indulge your customers.

Echo Friendly Bottle – the “TWIST” bottle is a registered design by Neviot. It is the lightest bottle in the world in PET terms for hot-fill beverages.