Neviot water

Natural Mineral Water

from the Upper Galilee of Israel

NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water consists of a unique Mineral composition that boasts a significant amount of Calcium to your body and has low levels of Sodium to help maintain a proper blood pressure.

Essential for children's bone building process and for maintaining bone density in adults. Research has shown that Calcium absorption from mineral water is as efficient as absorption of Calcium from milk.

NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water can be a significant source of Calcium consumption with no change of eating habits and without consuming unnecessary calories and fat.

Drinking 10 cups of NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water a day, can provide you 11% of the daily recommended Calcium consumption per day.

Low Sodium
Known to us as salt.

Essential for our body function, but, at the same time consuming large quantities can cause high blood pressure which is a major cause of heart and vessels disease.
In today‚Äôs life, Sodium is a part of almost everything we eat, as it is extensively used in the food industry.
NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water has a low level of sodium and it meets the strict standards of low sodium levels in the US and Europe

Essential for keeping mouth and gums health and hygiene.
NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water contains Natural Fluoride that comes straight from nature.
The levels of Fluoride in NEVIOT Natural Mineral Water are perfect for babies in their first 6 month.